A group of historic house museums have banded together to tell Chicago’s stories in a new way.

We formed At Home in Chicago, a diverse family of more than twenty former residences spanning nearly 180 years of the region’s history. Each house museum, with its distinctive architecture and collections, is a living artifact of the fascinating lives of people who shaped, or were shaped by, the city. Large or small, famous or idiosyncratic, each has a unique and essential story to tell.

Bringing them together for the first time, At Home in Chicago makes planning your visit easy. But this is also a journey of discovery, and a chance to explore the unexpected common threads—cultural, historical, architectural—that knit us together.

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At this dining room table…Sarah Waller got her way.

At the dinner table one evening, Sarah Waller finally told her husband the truth: she was tired of bringing meals up the stairs from the basement kitchen. Maybe the pot roast was especially good that night, because James Waller agreed to an extension of the first floor that included a brand new kitchen just steps ...

At this dining room table…Chicago’s food magnates would have brought a nice potluck.

The guests sitting around Eleanor Robinson Countiss’s dining room table were often the very industrialists behind the foodstuffs on top of it. The heiress’s guests included Armours and Swifts, heads of a meat-packing empire; the Mortons, for whom Morton Salt is named; the Bordens, of dairy fame; the Schweppes, in the carbonated beverage ...

At this dining room table…a storyteller was born.

At the breakfast table each morning, the Hemingway children waited impatiently as their grandfather finished his food and the morning newspaper. When he was done, Abba—as they affectionately called him—would regale the three young ones with fantastic stories and myths. One morning, Ernest came down to breakfast with an announcement: he had a ...

At this dining room table…sits mid-century living.

After the lean war years, industrial manufacturers teamed up with innovative artists to satisfy booming demands for home goods and mounting consumer interest in modern design. No designer was more influential than Russel Wright, whose American Modern line became the single most popular ceramic dinnerware in history. Designed in 1937 and manufactured in Ohio, Wright ...

At this dining room table…architecture and design are unified.

The Robie dining table is a masterpiece of modern furniture design. Bold, innovative, and architectural, the furniture is conceived as an integral element of the Robie House, designed in harmony with the building. Shielded by the high backs of the dining chairs, and illuminated by electrified light fixtures mounted on wooden posts, the table forms ...



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